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Why use a pro?

Automotive Surface Technicians

A coating is nothing without the right preparation. Any coating, it doesn’t matter how scientifically advanced, or how long it is said to last – it will not perform without the proper preparation. Preparation comes down to the installer. It comes down to their willpower and a meticulous attention to detail. They need to have that rare burning passion for the job, to strive for perfection and treat every car as if it was their own.


There are two crucial factors that determine a coatings performance, application and maintenance. Proper application is essential in ensuring the coating has the best possible bond to the paintwork.

However, even if you have best application process, without proper maintenance, performance will be heavily hindered over time and your coating will not last. Because of this heavy reliance on maintenance, we don’t believe in a piece of paper. 

We don’t want to create a flawed guarantee designed to give you a false sense of security – which is only going to set you up for failure. 

We want to give you more than just a service, more than just a workmanship guarantee. We want to gear you up with the right education and products that will allow you to maintain your car properly, getting the most out of your coat


Our Pro level coatings

IGL Quartz


Ecocoat quartz is a revolutionary product formulated with our propriety modified silica. It is our second hardest coating, An average modern vehicles paint hardness in the range of 3-4H on the Mohs scale, ecocoat quartz is a 9H rated coating that is capable of adding additional 4H, increasing the paint resistance against harsh chemicals, scratches, marring, and dullness. 

IGL Quartz +


Ecocoat quartz+ is a hybrid REACH compliant low VOC high solids coating system formulated with our proprietary modified active material, and carrier to be free from any carcinogenic chemicals.  

Quartz+ merges two different coatings with different properties to create the ultimate layer of protection with improved reflectivity, durability, increased slick, and anti-fouling. The result is a coated surface with increased resistance against harsh chemicals, micro marring, and dullness that lasts up to 3 years.  

IGL Kenzo


Ecocoat kenzo is a revolutionary paint protection coating that contains 100% silica, providing the highest level of gloss and protection. It forms a layer of thick coating that radiates a rich and natural glow with unmatched protection. 

Running your hands across a kenzo coated car is like touching soft luxurious silk. The hardness of the coating protects the paint with a much slower degradation during daily use.  

CarPro Cquartz UK 3.0


Based on the original CQuartz technology. A new fast flashing carrier was used to enhance curing in difficult conditions, and the silica-quartz content was increased to a scarcely believable 70% creating an even harder, and purer glass layer. These enhancements allowed CQ UK to be easily applied in temperatures as low as 41-degrees Fahrenheit (5-Degrees Celsius), with even higher levels of beauty and protection, making it the unofficial pinnacle of our consumer CQuartz line.


With improved gloss, improved water behavior, and improved chemical resistance… in short we’ve improved it in every possible way!

We know you love CQuartz UK edition performance, now we’ve increased the resistance to road salt build up, while keeping the same great chemical resistance of pH 3~14 inclusive!

As with all our coatings we will give you a conservative real world durability, in this case it’s 18-24 months on CQuartz UK Edition 3.0

CarPro Professional


Cquartz Professional is a new glass coating developed on advances in ceramic technology over the past 6 years. This new formula has been infused with fluorocarbon composites, Si02 and specialised nanoparticles to ensure ridiculous levels of gloss, self-cleaning 

properties and immense protection. 

 It will bring your investment into new aesthetic heights, unlocking the true beauty that your pride & joy is yet to offer. 

The car also becomes much more resistant to bug and bird acids, and unsightly water etching. It easily repells water, and contaminants due to its advances in electronegativity – making it a lot easier to clean and maintain.  

CarPro believe that this new formulation encompasses all their years of ceramic coating development, and is the true pinnacle of modern ceramic technology.

CarPro Finest Reserve


Cquartz Finest Reserve is a new advancement in ceramic technology that symbolises the new frontier of car care.

Finest Reserve is simply, pure innovation. CarPro have paved the way for paint protection over the years, and have now raised the bar – pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible.

Reserve utilises new technology through a complex hybrid blend of Si02 infused epoxy nano particles. This new advanced composition bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials, creating an extremely reflective, durable, and protective coating.

This coating will transform the surface of your vehicle, and bring it into new aesthetic and protective heights. Not only will you experience breathtaking gloss, but your vehicle will exhibit crazy water-repellency and self-cleaning properties. Contaminants will struggle to adhere to the surface, and the car will stay cleaner for longer, and be effortless to maintain.

Enter the future, and reap the rewards.

Specialized coatings

Windows and Glass


Ecocoat window is formulated specially for the windows, for a super water repellent surface, and water spots prevention, with high wiper wear resistance. This allows for a safe driving condition during heavy rain, as the rainwater will roll off at 50km/h. Not only does it repel rain, but also dirt and it lets your windows defrost much faster and easier.

Ecocoat window creates a new resistance against water spotting, chemical attack, and staining on the treated surface for up to 12 months

Trim and Plastics


Ecocoat trim is the most technologically advanced product to protect your trim, rubber, and plastic parts. It is highly reactive coating that instantly forms a chemical bond on a molecular basis with the surface it is applied to, and form a hardness of 6H that rejuvenates, darkens and protects the trim from fading.

Ecocoat trim creates a new resistance against marring, chemical attack, and staining on the treated surface. 



Ecocoat headlight provides the best performance on polycarbonate headlamps. The coating adheres to the headlight on the molecular level and crosslink to create a glass like finish with amplified shine, clarity, and superb protection against oxidation and loss of clarity for up to 12 months. Upon full curing, it is rated at 6H on the pencil hardness scale. 

Ecocoat headlight creates a new resistance against marring, chemical attack, and staining on the treated surface.

Wheels and Brakes


Ecocoat wheel is a our premium wheel coating formulation. Created with more than 90% of proprietary modified silica. It forms an interlocking molecular glass like finish with amazing protection. Ecocoat Wheel upon full curing is rated at 9H based on the pencil hardness scale.

Ecocoat wheel creates a new resistance against high temperature brake dust, marring, chemical attack, and staining on the treated surface.

Industrial and Machinery


Eclipse is the only COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL coating currently out that has successfully passed in labs:

Salt spray testing
Muratic acid testing
10H hardness
Resists chemical spots/staining
Repels water and dirt
Has gloss and shine properties
Based off of high solids premium silica
750° F sustainable heat resistant

Longevity is expected to be approximately 2 years with proper preparation, and installation which can be provided by us.

This new coating can reduce:

Corrosion on industrial tools, and equipment. Reduce down times due to cleaning or spills.

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