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Addicted 2 Detail

Addicted 2 Detail Motorcycle & Car Detailing & Paint Protection

Addicted 2 Detail Motorcycle & Car Detailing & Paint Protection

Addicted 2 Detail Motorcycle & Car Detailing & Paint ProtectionAddicted 2 Detail Motorcycle & Car Detailing & Paint Protection

About Us

Shane on the tools, detailing a Falcon XM

Premium Quality Motorcycle & Car Detailing Services since 2009

Addicted 2 Detail is a proudly owned and run family business, founded in 2009 by motorcycle enthusiast Shane Harmston in Perth Western Australia. 

We pride ourselves on high quality, professional, and reliable detailing services. Our highly trained detailers are thorough, and operate with your privacy, and valuables in mind.

Addicted 2 Detail uses premium quality products and machinery, also our high level of insurance provides us with the confidence to service vehicles of all value whilst providing you with complete peace of mind. 

Our Services

We have packages to suit every budget. Click the link to our services section above and find the right package for you!


"I handed over my $130k Landcruiser 200 series brand spanking new to these guys for some Kento ceramic coating and interior protection..... Their level of detail, quality of service and work is absolutley worth every $. on top of that,their after sales service and support is excellent. Highly recommend you investment with these guys to protect your cars, toys and collectables. "

- Wayne Barnett, Perth WA

" Shane is awesome done a fantastic job on my hk monaro only person I would take my cars too thanks mate"

- Dave Pedder, Perth WA

"Shane isn't just addicted to detailing, his passion & attention to detail is the best in Perth, 100% would recommend his services to anyone in Perth!"

- Michael Perroni, Perth WA

"Addicted 2 Detail is a 5 star business with exceptional customer service. Shane is always on time with detailing my bike with great personal service."

- Corne Snellenburg, Perth WA

"Great attention to detail! Highly recommended"

-Mathew Johns, Perth WA

"I have to say that I thought my bike was reasonably clean but boy, how wrong was I. The finished result was nothing short of outstanding and blew me away. Shane certainly lives up to his name Addicted 2 Detail and this shows through his passion, professionalism and enthusiasm for his craft."

- Al Wright, Perth WA 


What's the difference between a detailer and a car wash?

Car Wash Companies use low-grade products and have a high volumes of vehicles, which means the quality of the work is usually sub-par. 

Detailing companies spend time, care and effort on your vehicle, using high quality products to ensure that your vehicle comes out looking it's best.

How often should I have my car/bike detailed?

We recommend all vehicles be maintained 3 - 6 monthly.  However, we do have clients that prefer more regular weekly or fortnightly services to keep them looking great at all times.

What is Paint Protection/ Coatings?

Paint Protection and Coatings are products that protect your vehicle's paint from environmental damage such as UV light, bug and bird acids, water etching & general wash marring. It also reduces the time needed to clean your vehicle. 

Using nano particle technology ceramic/glass coatings bond to your vehicle, creating amazing levels of gloss that lasts for years, not months.

Coatings can act as a sacrificial layer that takes all the damage vs the direct paint giving us the chance to simply polish off the damaged area and reapply coatings if necessary.  

How long can the coatings last? 

The coating can last 3-10 years, provided proper maintenance is met.